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bucket teeth 1U3352 1U3352RC 1U3452TL 8E4402SYL 1U3452SK

Our factory NBTT can offer various kind of bucket teeth and adapters,side cutters,customer designed castings for the machines,mining machines,  for machines like:

E200, E312, E315, E320, E325, E330, E345, E355, E350, E380 A292;
E920, E930, E950, E966, E992 920, 930, 950E, 950F, 966D,966E, 966F-2  950/966C/D/E/F/K
 D6 D7 D8 D9 D8N D8R D9N D9R D6H D6K D7G
 D8H D6N D6R D7H D7R D7G D8G D9G D10N

Casting technology - we are expert in casting processes, which means that you can turn to a single vendor for most of your casting needs. Our casting process is fine tuned for efficiency in both small lot and high capacity jobs.
Experience - the core members of our management team have been working together to produce quality castings at Precision Castings for over 10 years. We get to know the particular needs of our customers. When you have a question there will be someone you know ready to respond.

Just-on-time delivery - rapid turn-around of orders and 12000 tons per year output capability mean first rate castings are delivered when you need them.

Advanced management systems - our quality system (QA Display) provides pictorials for every stage of production throughout the plant.


P/N Type Model U/W KG A /mm B/mm C/mm D/mm A1/mm B1/mm C1/mm Φholes Stock qty
1U3352(L) Long tooth CAT320 5.4 100 108 243 75 75 80 107 22.5